Publicly Owned Land in San Diego County

Omar Passons asks, via Twitter:

The City Real Estate Division publishes an ArcGIS map of city owned property.

The City Data Portal also has a few related files.
SANGIS has the geo data for publically owned — city, federal, state, military, caltrans, etc — land in Land Use/LAND_OWNERSHIP_SG.ZIP ( Login required before clicking link ) Here is the map of this file, colored for the type of owner:

Here is the land, and owners, just for the City of San Diego:

This map is also available as an interactive web map that can be zoomed into specific properties and locations.
There is also a SANGIS file for City owned land which has a lot more information than the LAND_OWNERSHIP_SG file, but it duplicates regions in the LAND_OWNERSHIP_SG, so combining the teo would take some GIS work.

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