Just Enough Jupyter and Pandas

To participate fully in our programs, it is very helpful to have some skill using the primary Python data analysis tools, which include Python, the Pandas data analysis library, and Jupyter Notebook. This guide summarizes links to training, and some of our own notebooks for honing your Pandas skills.

Training Notebooks

These Jupyter notebooks are hosted in Google Colaboarator, a free Jupyter notebook environment. They will teach you core Pandas skills, and include short interactive tests at the end.

Online Python and Data Analysis Training

If you need more comprehensive training, there are many excellent online courses that cover Python and the Python data analysis environment.

Code Based

Code-based training is organized as short written tutorials followed by an interactive session where you write and execute code and get immediate feedback.

  • Data Camp. A Code based environment with a good combination of lessons and projects.
  • Dataquest. A code based course, with specific tracks for data analysis and data scientists.
  • Codecademy. A code based course

[ Of these three, I I recommend either Data Camp or Dataquest ]

Lecture Based

Lecture based training consists primarily of videos, and you are responsible for setting up your own Python environment to practice the lessons.

Jupyter and CoLab

Jupyter is the most popular environment for doing data analysis with Python, but we will mostly be using CoLab, a variant of Jupyter created by Google.

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