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What area of San Diego has the greatest number of car accidents?
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This sort of question can be answered with TIMS, https://tims.berkeley.edu/, if you want a nice web interface to the data, or with the data source for TIMS, which is SWITRS, http://iswitrs.chp.ca.gov. The most specific answer would come from SWITRS, since you’d need the source data to group into neighborhoods.
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This question is difficult to answer for area of the City of San Diego, but it is much easier to answer about the cities in San Diego County. Seet his related question for more details: https://www.sandiegodata.org/question/what-city-in-san-diego-county-experiences-the-highest-number-of-traffic-accidents/

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All traffic accidents are reported to SWITRS, and it has pretty good data, although it tends to be delayed; it can take 7 months for an accident to get into SWITRS, and accidents with fatailities take longer than those without. So, if you want to get complete data, you have to stop your analysis a year from the present. I looked at data from 2014 and 2015.
While SWITRS data is generally good, the geocoding is not, and there is only a small number of records with latitude and longitude value for the position of the accident. They all have road and cross street or mile marker, but few have lat/lon.
For the years 2014 and 2015, I found 106 records with positions with San Diego as the jurisdiction, and only 86 of them were actually in San Diego. A lot of them are out of the county, or in the ocean. Here is a map of where the geocoded accidents are in the county, showing those in the ocean and out of the county:

With only 86 records, the data isn’t very good, bu here is top neighborhoods for number of accidents. The data is poor enough that I don’t think you can actually conclude that La Jolla is the most dangerous community; it’s more likely that La Jolla is the community with the best data.

LA JOLLA                               12
COLLEGE AREA                           10
UNIVERSITY                              7
PACIFIC BEACH                           6
MISSION VALLEY                          6
MISSION BAY PARK                        6
CLAIREMONT MESA                         5
SAN PASQUAL                             5
TIJUANA RIVER VALLEY                    4
OTAY MESA-NESTOR                        3
KEARNY MESA                             3
DOWNTOWN                                2
MIRA MESA                               2
MISSION BEACH                           2
OTAY MESA                               2
BALBOA PARK                             2
LINDA VISTA                             1
MILITARY FACILITIES                     1
SKYLINE-PARADISE HILLS                  1
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