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Our recently acquired crime dataset includes both  offenders and victims, and has block-level geography, so it is perfect for detailed analysis. This dataset was acquired by Omar Passons, who used in a recent editorial in the Union-Tribune.

This contest will award a $100 prize (Amazon Gift Card)  for the most insightful visualization.

The visualization can be a map, chart or time series and will be judged more on the degree to which it exposes an important truth about crime in San Diego than on it's esthetics qualities. The visualization just use the dataset lined above, but may use others as well, and the submission must link to a publicly accessible repository of the code used to generate it, or a written description of the processing performed.

Submissions must be made as answers to this question, posted before 31 December 2020. The submission must include an image ( screen shot is ok ) of the visualization, and a link to any associated  documentation, code, Jupyter notebook or Tableau Public sites. In the case of very similar submissions, the earlier submission will be preferred.

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